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wooden dummy

Traditional Wooden Wing Chun Dummy 


This is a full-sized; traditional Wing Chun wooden dummy! NOT a cheap imported set that will break under heavy training! Hand-crafted in the U.S. and guaranteed to be free of cracks & warping. The upper arms have the correct left; right & center offset so they will mount level. Designed with the exact measurements as passed down from Chinese Masters! This is the essential training device for mastering the close-quarters blocking; trapping and striking techniques of traditional Wing Chun. Comes complete with laminated hardwood body and solid arms & leg. Lamination yields stronger units that resist weathering and cracks! Though laminated; each is hand-finished to appear as solid wood! Wood is cured for durability. Classy black ebony finish!  Body measures 63 in tall and 9 in diameter. Each arm measures 24.5in overall; with arm portion tapering from 2.25in to 1.5in. Insert portion is 11.5in long; 1.75in x 1.75in. Crossbeams & wood pins are included. Total shipping weight: approx. 95 lbs. Stand & Strike Pad are NOT included.  Call or email for shipping for Foreign Orders.

em3-#PO8000A     $995  (s/h $99.95 in 48 states)


US  $995.00
Plus $99.95 S&H in 48 States 

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US $ 175.87
+ S&H

Bubba 2 Grappling Dummy

Bubba II Grappling Man Dummy      $650 Value!


This is the #1 Grappling Dummy for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and all grappling arts. It is handcrafted in the USA and features a patented design with anatomically correct joints & human realism!  Used and endorsed by leading martial arts instructors including the Gracie Academy, Caique Jiu Jitsu, Burton Richardson and more!   Simulates a 5ft 10in adult sparring partner!  

em3-#PM1003A    $575 (s/h $69.95 in 48 states)      


US  $575.00
Plus $69.95 S&H in 48 States 

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20 BJJ Special 

50% Discount SPECIAL
20 DVD Set

Limited One Per Person (No Distributors Please)
Item: em3-20-BJJ-Set

US   $249.50 + S&H


Doce Pares

Doce Pares Escrima Kali Arnis Stick Set (2 sticks + case)   $39.95 Value!


Imported directly from the Philippines!  Fire-hardened rattan fighting stick features a light traditional burn pattern and clear finish. Durable & lightweight!  Set includes a set of TWO 28” Sticks and Carry Storage Bag.


em3-#WF0530P    $19.95/SET

US  $19.95 Plus S&H

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USA Practice Escrima Kali Arnis Stick Covered Foam       $19.95 Value!


Heavyweight padded training sticks manufactured in the USA!  Features a solid core of genuine filipino rattan with a 1/4 inch black closed cell foam covering and tear & stain resistant cover. Practice all you want without getting banged up and bruised!   29” long x 1.25”.


em3-#WF0030A    $12.95 each

US  $12.95 Plus S&H

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Balisong Knife

Balisong Knife & Instructional Book Set     $55 Value!


The Ronin Gear all metal practice butterfly knife with rounded dull blade (cannot be sharpened!) that is ideal for safe training!  Plus! Pananandata Balisong book by Amante Marinas  

This rare, out of print book on the filipino balisong features one & two hand openings, hand transfers; pin end and latch end holds; finger rolls; handle transfers, aerials and more!

CAUTION: Always train under proper supervision. NOT designed for contact training!


em3-#BU1310P  $29.95/SET

US  $29.95 Plus S&H

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Spirit of Samurai T-Shirt Gray        $19.95 Value!


Designed by noted Artist - Neal Yamamoto!  Premium gray T-shirt with original 'Spirit of Samurai' imprint in black, yellow, red and blue.  Casual wear for the martial artist!  Short sleeve cotton blend.  Adult sizes: Medium, Large, XL, 2XL.


em3-#AT1010A     SALE PRICE!: $14.95

US  $14.95 Plus S&H

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